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Club Bylaws

The San Diego Miata Club is a California corporation governed by bylaws approved by the membership. The bylaws establish the club's name, purpose, membership and qualifications, board of directors, officers and duties, meetings, appointments, elections, dues, expenditures, and bylaws amendments.

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Club E-mail Lists

Back in 1996 when the Internet was still in its infancy, the club's founding members came together on a CompuServe forum called "Miataville." Today, most of the club's communications still happens over e-mail on the Internet. To bring all of the club members together, the club operates one e-mail list called "SDMC-List". The group is available to SDMC members only.

SDMC's elected board members and appointed volunteers communicate on the "SDMC-Board" e-mail list. This private list was founded along with SDMC-List to provide a means of communications for club business.

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Renewal Application

All memberships expire on December 31 of each year. Renewal applications are usually sent in the last two newsletters of the year. They can also be downloaded below.

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Club Name Badge

Link to Order Form

SDMC Logo Name Badge
Engraved plastic badge with white background and SDMC logo, name, color and nickname of car all in black.
Badges are ordered with the order form provided. The badges will be shipped directly to your residence.
Knobmeister is our authroized provider.

$6 each
Plus shipping

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