San Diego Miata Club

Badges and Decals

To order any item, contact or visit the regalia display at the monthly meetings. If you would like to purchase a specific item or size at the monthly meeting, contact Regalia ahead of time.

Link to Order Form

SDMC Logo Name Badge
Engraved plastic badge with white background and SDMC logo, name, color and nickname of car all in black.
Badges are ordered with the order form provided. The badges will be shipped directly to your residence.
Knobmeister is our authroized provider.

$6 each
Plus shipping

SDMC Logo Vinyl Cling
Easy on or easy off, these static cling decals of our club logo are available in most Miata colors.
Various colors. Non-adhesive.

$5 each

SDMC Logo Pin
Dress up your shirt or hat with our jewel-like club-logo pins.
Silver, black, blue, white, or green car colors. Pin clasp.

$3 each

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