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A Message from our President

We are seeking help with the Twist and Turns Newsletter. At present we do not have a newsletter editor. We have a number of great contributors, but currently lack a person or people to put it all together and publish the newsletter. Ideally we’d love to have a newsletter team. Unfortunately it now appears that The August 2018 newsletter may actually be our last for a while unless we can find the necessary volunteer(s). Run information etc. as always will be available on the SDMC website, but it just isn’t the same as having a newsletter. If interested in helping out your club and continuing the tradition of this awesome publication please contact one of your executive board members.

San Diego Miata Club News / Twists & Turns

SDMC published its first newsletter in May 1996. San Diego Miata Club News has been published nearly every month since then.

The newsletter is written, produced, and posted on our website by club volunteers. The goal is to have a monthly newsletter ready in the begenning of each month. The newsletters are also available in hardcopy (no color), and members may choose to have them mailed to their address of choice. (contact Membership to opt for paper copies).

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